PVE Code Enforcement

For many years, the City of Palos Verdes Estates appeared to consider code enforcement (click here) a very low priority. The City either did not employ a Code Enforcement Officer or had such role delegated to an employee exhibiting suboptimal focus on accomplishing his/her purported mission of reducing municipal or related code breaches. When notified of such lax or non-existent code enforcement, the City Council and City Manager tended to turn a blind eye. Such negligent code enforcement eventually led to multiple lawsuits being filed against the City of Palos Verdes (click here and here), leading to tremendously heightened visibility and public disgust with the City Council’s role in negligent code enforcement.

In April 2019, after a highly contested City Council election (click here) involving PVE residents voting to remove councilperson (and fmr. Mayor) Jennifer King and Mayor Betty Lin Peterson, Palos Verdes Estates City Council was reconstituted (click here). The majority of Council members as of that date may be considered “outsiders” who do not appear inured to the City’s legacy of lax or selective code enforcement.

Such “new perspective” on Code Enforcement was exhibited by the unanimous decision by the new City Council to commence civil litigation against a private resident for a massive encroachment into a public “path.” Such encroachment had gone without effective enforcement for the prior four decades under numerous City Councils. In addition, Tony Dahlerbruch, the City Manager who had appeared to tolerate (if not direct and support) lax and selective code enforcement, was dismissed by this reconstituted City Council (click here). This followed the termination of employment for PVE Deputy City Manager/Code Enforcement Officer Sheri Repp Loadsman, believed by some to be even more negligent in satisfying her code enforcement duties.

Furthermore, in April 2019, communications were had with recently hired Palos Verdes Estates Code Enforcement Officer Sam Yang (click here). Such communications reasonably lead one to believe that the code enforcement role is being directed to engage in more effective means of accomplishing actual, enduring code enforcement.

At this time, it is reasonable to believe that the City of Palos Verdes Estates shall accomplish its required duty of enforcing its municipal and other codes, negating the need for PVE residents to buttress such enforcement.

As a result of the above, the purpose of this website of achieving for the benefit of a PVE neighborhood effective code enforcement at a frequently code-breaching, particular property appears likely to be accomplished. Therefore, as of May 2019, the entire website of 605paseodelmar.com is being removed from public visibility.

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