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Melahat Uzumcu is a disgrace to the PVE community.  Residents reside here to raise their children and live peaceful lives. After hearing about the launch of this website, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn of the numerous lawsuits filed against her.

It’s no wonder why she changed her name to Desire Meli Kocarslan. Although, it wasn’t long before her illegal actions surfaced. She should be ashamed of herself, stop using her home as an event venue, find a decent full time job and set a good example for her daughters.

As a resident here in PVE, I hope that the PVEPD and city are working together to shut her business down. What Melahat is doing is illegal, unethical and needs to stop now!

It’s unfair to the renters that she profits from and certainly unfair to the neighbors who have to endure the noise and disruption in the quality of their lives.

Keep the peace. Keep community.

Residential Zoning Doesn’t Stop Kocarslan from Commercial Activity:   Whether it be illegal short-term rentals or a related high flow of vehicular traffic, 605 Paseo del Mar seems more like a run-down youth hostel than elegant coastal estate

609 Paseo del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates, CA  90274 is now for sale (click here) right next door to the Kocarslan/Uzumcu residence.  Looks like we’re about to find out what the discount is for the value of a property next door to a law breaking, event venue and short-term rental AirBnB/Homeaway (click here) property.

605 Paseo del Mar Struck by Vandalism (click here; scroll down to Sept. 17)
“Between 6 p.m. Sept. 17 and noon Sept. 19, eggs were thrown on a resident’s vehicle in the 600 block of Paseo Del Mar, causing damage.”

Not only should the wedding planner (supposedly doing this job professionally) have obtained permission, but I was told in no uncertain terms on Friday afternoon by the bride herself that 605PdM/Uzumcu/Kocarslan specifically directed the wedding party to deceive PVEPD and others into believing the bride/groom were friends of Uzumcu/Kocarslan, rather than the customers of a commercial event venue enterprise as is the truth.  Again, I must emphasize, everyone on that property is “in on it.”

If a bride/groom want to have a beautiful, legal PVE wedding, there is a perfect place for it perhaps ½ mile at most right up the hill.  It is called La Venta Inn, a licensed, commercially zoned event venue at which I have attended two weddings myself.  The views are breathtaking, and the costs reasonable (though you don’t get the venue for a) 3-7, 24/hour days and b) with a mansion fronting as a boutique hotel).  It is for this reason Ms. Natasha Cleveland/Natasha Kossman and and her fiancé Michael Kossman of Atlanta, GA and Wells Fargo went with the illegal 605PdM venue – it comes at a massive discount to fair market value of a COMMERICALLY ZONED EVENT VENUE AND BOUTIQUE HOTEL.


Whether the couple are aware or not is immaterial – the wedding planner should be. 

A general contractor doing business in PVE needs to have a business license with the city.  If the contractor block roadways, brings large trucks into the city roadways without acquiring a transportation permit indemnifying the city, continues construction late into the evening, and repeatedly disrupts the neighborhood and violate local laws, I would imagine that the city building department would have some recourse against continued license renewal and/or fines. 

Someone carrying out a commercial event planning business should need a similar license – I am sure that if the Golf Club, Beach Club, La Venta or one of the restaurants acted irresponsibly and in blatant disregard to local safety, health, alcohol or zoning laws, renewal of their licenses would be brought to the attention of our city management and an appropriate recourse levied against their continued operations.  The event planner at 605 Paseo del Mar (and future event planners at that address – because I would bet that this is not the last commercial event that the owner of that property will stage) should be licensed and should be required to not only be required to adhere to local zoning laws but to comply with local health, safety, and alcohol laws.


Calls were made in to the PVEPD for noise complaints around 8:30 pm (Hazel dispatcher) and again upon coming back up to our bedroom at 1:30 a.m. (Roxanna dispatcher), both stating that our entire family was being kept awake by essentially out of control noise of people leaving the illegal wedding (screaming, loud laughing/talking, car doors slamming, alarms being deactivated).  We, normally sleeping in our own upstairs bedroom next to our young child, actually had to move her crib downstairs into a dark corner of our house, without any air ocean/cool air flow, so that she would stop being awakened by the noise.  That’s right – the cacophony coming from people leaving the illegal Natasha Cleveland/Natasha Kossman – Michael Kossman wedding party, people having no respect for the neighbors, forced us to relocate our family’s own sleeping.

Importantly, everyone should know that the wedding party is not an innocent, uninformed pair of sweet newlyweds.  I was informed that the wedding planner, a Dawn Boldon (or something like that – the bride appears to have lied about her name), clearly told the wedding party that the house had experienced zoning issues for illegal weddings in past, but that if they told the PVEPD that the wedding party was friends with 605PdM/Uzumcu everything should go OK.  Indeed, it is common sense and simply obvious that on any wedding planner’s checklist, if assessing for a wedding/reception a high-end home in a clearly residential, non-commercial neighborhood, the legality of that venue.  A one-minute Google search (finding all the 09/2009 articles in LA Times and Daily Breeze) and/or call to City Hall would return the answer, “No, this is not legal.  You should find another location.”  These people knew, and as another neighbor can attest were unapologetic for, this was an illegal use of a residence, but they did it anyway.


We are the residents most directly affected by Paseo del Mar.  It appears from recent activity last night and earlier today that the owner at 605 Paseo del Mar has rented her home for a large commercial event.  The history of 605 Paseo del Mar is well known within our city and community.  We hope to prevent the expansion of activities that our city encountered several years ago.

Over the past year, we have seen continued party rental engagements at 605 Paseo del Mar and have notified the police department on numerous occasions of such activity.  We urge that the city will take action with this weekend’s event and stop further commercial activities at the residence. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with all of you this ongoing commercial activity and try together to resolve this matter at 605 Paseo del Mar and possibly at other locations within the city.


My wife and I reside at [a home in very close proximity to 605 Paseo del Mar].  We are aware of the owners of 605 Paseo Del Mar using their home as a party rental venue.  Our home is [firmly in the range of that residence] and can hear and view the events.  These are commercial activities in a beautiful residential neighborhood. We ask the police department simply to enforce the law and stop any further commercial events from being held at 605 Paseo Del Mar. Thank you.


There used to be a chap at the golf club that cheated every conceivable way. All of all kept coming up with ways to insure that he didn’t cheat.

After many years, I addressed the group and aid, “Let’s face it guys, he’s just a hell of a lot smarter than us and there is no way we can stop him from cheating. Let’s just quit trying and just not include him into the betting. It worked. He played along with us, wasn’t part of the bets so we didn’t care what phony scores he turned in for his handicap.

I suspect Uzumcu fits that pattern ….


The “host” of the event was the groom, Joe Lee. He reported that he was a friend of “605’s” owner(Umzucu) and was not renting it for his “family” get together. When questioned about how he knew Umzucu, Lee refused to answer me other than they have a mutual friend.

On Friday evening, I notified the Police that there was activity at “605” and a Bobtail truck seemed to be delivering material. As reported to me last night by Sgt. Gonzalez, he visited “605” on Friday evening and spoke to Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee reported that he was a family friend and was having an event for approximately 35 people. When I asked Sgt. Gonzalez if Umzucu was present at the party he reported that Lee told him Umzucu will be back on Saturday. (FYI, Umzucu was not present at the party and in fact was contacted by PV Police and she had an unidentified friend drive by and check on what the problem was).

Saturday: Other neighbors returning home in the early evening saw the Valet parking set up at “605” and called me and then the Police …. I went to the Valet parking set-up and talked to Par 4 Valet workers. They informed me that they were expecting 75 cars and the event was schedule until midnight. I contacted PV Police and reported this information. The Police then sent Sgt. Gonzalez and Officer Garcia to investigate.

1st Police visit: Sgt. Gonzalez & Officer Garcia arrive. Officer Garcia went into the party to ascertain the number count. Apparently, the Valet service had down-sized their expected numbers with their discussion with the Police. Officer Garcia returned from inside “605” and reported an estimated guest count of 40 people. While I completed my conversation with the Police, outside of “605”, 4 “guest” arrived and a van with supplies (I did not count the van). The Police told me to call them back if the Party increased. Minutes after the Police left, 2 cars self parked and 4 cars valet parked and 10 more guest arrived. Per Officer Garcia’s count, the court order number had now been exceeded.

I contacted the Police and informed Sgt. Gonzalez that the number count had been exceeded. He informed me that he was trying to contact Umzucu and he would send out someone to confirm the information. Approximately, 30-45 minutes later and no police visit. I then proceeded to count the vehicles parked on the street. There were 36 street parked vehicles and an estimated 6 – 8 cars parked in “605’s” driveway. I called the Police again and reported the numbers. Assuming only one person per vehicle and the “guest count” had nearly exceeded the court order.

2nd Police visit: Officer Garcia and Officer Ackers(sp?) arrived. Officer Garcia went inside and then shortly came out to question me about my discussion I had earlier with the host, Mr. Lee. I informed her that Mr. Lee approached me on my driveway to ask us not to cause any problems for him. I was cordial to Mr. Lee and informed him that our(the neighbors) concerns are not with him. At this time I questioned Officer Garcia about this questioning. What Mr. Lee and I talk about seems secondary to the issue. I also asked Officer Garcia that Mr. Lee lied about his numbers to Sgt. Gonzalez Friday night so why would you believe what he says. Officer Garcia responded that she knew nothing about that. I suggested she talk to her Sgt. Officer Garcia then went back into “605” and while I and Officer Acker stood outside on Paseo del Mar. (NOTE: it was at this time that some unidentified individual drove up reportedly per Umzucu’c request, to check things out). About 20-30 minutes later, Officer Garcia came back out and informed that the party number had exceeded and that after discussion with the Supervisor(Sgt. Gonzalez), that 10 people were going to have to leave the party.


I have talked with [Police} Chief …. and he assured me the matter would be resolved, but that it may take a few days–we’ll see.


So get this – one of Desire Meli Kocarslan’s neighbors attends and speaks at the public city council hearing designated to discuss/debate the short term rental policy (Airbnb) issue in late 2015.  After it’s over, Kocarslan (aka Melahat Uzumcu) and her dirty little posse corners this neighbor at his car in parking lot, asking “What’s your problem?” as it relates to his opposition to Airbnb activities in PVE.  You can’t blame the guy for not liking it given the neighborhood’s disturbing, seven-year nightmare experience with 605 Paseo del Mar and its sociopathic owner Kocarslan.  Kocarslan reportedly then yells at the neighbor, idiotically and desperately-trying-to-play-the-victim-card calling him a “racist”.  The neighbor essentially tells her to pack sand up her back side and drives away, presenting her with a clear view of his middle finger.


This woman Desire Kocarslan must be the worst neighbor in all of the city, hands down.  It can’t be possible than any other resident in PVE cares less about the people who live around her.  As if her illegal wedding parties waking up and otherwise bothering neighbors weren’t bad enough, as of November 2015 she has a Cujo like dog that ASPCA might love to know she keeps outdoors pretty much 24/7, no matter what the weather may be.  So this mistreated, large dog barks angrily at all times of day and

Click on photo to enlarge this claim to prosperity as "Owner of Chateau del Mar" - really a run-down shanty owned by the bank via mortgage
Click on photo to enlarge this claim to prosperity as “Owner of Chateau del Mar” – really a run-down shanty owned by the bank via mortgage

night.  Since we’ve all heard Kocarslan has the run down house mortgaged to the hilt, you’d hope and think she’d just sell the place and pray there is equity leftover.  I suspect she hangs onto this place as its “owner” (though in reality bank owns it) to create the façade of wealth that seems long ago went out the window with her divorcing husband and her own unemployment.  Pray to God she doesn’t ever move next door to you!

I tried to be nice to Melahat Uzumcu (Desire Kocarslan) as her neighbor.  Though it seems obvious now that she was the root problem in her dissolved marriage, she was still a single mom raising a pair of girls, and I felt sorry for her in a way.  How was I rewarded for this?  I invited her and the kids over when we had a few summer parties; Uzumcu once threatened to sue me well after a party during which she claimed a small piece of a ceramic table had broken off and landed on her daughter’s foot (she never responded to a request for proof of injury).  Then there was the time she asked to borrow my SUV so she supposedly could deliver some clothes/items to a local charity; Uzumcu then proceeded, without my permission or prior knowledge, to drive my car into (uninsured) Mexico, only returning it in the middle of the night after she was halted at the US/Mexican border.  Need I continue?


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13 thoughts on “Kocarslan Neighbors Complaint Wall”

  1. Thanks for all this info. I had no idea. Let me introduce myself and my wife. We are the new care takers. We are good people and agreed to work around the house. You’ll notice the changes in the appearance of the place I can assure you. Me William and my Wife Linda
    Will be living within the house as care takers doing whatever needs to be done. I can assure you we are not “TWEEKERS” and do not expect such a reputation to be carried over on us. I can assure you that the after hours construction noise will not be a problem. Also we are dog lovers and will be taking the dog issues in our own hands since there will be noway me or my wife will allow the dog to be miss treated any longer. I’m very good with dogs and will do whatever it takes to provide the dog with better living conditions including food and training love and exercise. I hope to make a difference while we are there for whatever it’s worth. Please feel free to talk to us anytime. Thank you Bill n Linda

    1. I am a neighbor who has seen the two of you laboring quite hard in the front yard. I hope you guys understand precisely into what you have gotten yourself. It may be a decent idea for you to email [email protected] to develop a direct dialog with the neighborhood (in case you need help someday).

  2. 609 Paseo del Mar, Palos Verdes Estates, which is right next door to 605 Paseo del Mar, must be getting no sleep. This Meli lady has the loudest German Shepherd barking seemingly non-stop day and night. It is the loudest bark I’ve ever heard from a dog. And worse – I think 609 Paseo del Mar is for sale! Who would buy a house nextdoor to a lunatic with a guard dog barking all the time?

  3. In the last month, the PV police have been called to 605 Paseo del Mar at least a half dozen times on complaints about non allowed construction after hours. Of course Desire Meli Kocarslan doesn’t care about her neighbors peace and quiet or the laws of PVE. She only cares about putting some lipstick on the pig before she tries to get some sucker to buy the place!

  4. The PVEPD has been dispatched three times in just the past five days to 605 Paseo del Mar for illegal construction (after 7 p.m. or on Sunday). It is painfully evident that Desire Kocarslan has no intention, ever, of abiding by the law, whether it be PVEMC covering short term rentals, weddings or construction. One has to wonder when human transcends animal.

  5. The PVEPD seem to have stormed into 605 Paseo del Mar over the weekend. The insanely loudly barking German shepherd was going absolutely bonkers. That house must have the most police department visits in city history.

  6. PV Police were called yet again over to 605 Paseo del Mar last night due to the neighbor-from-hell Desire Kocarslan’s leaving her loudly barking dog outside in the near freezing stormy wind. How can this horrid woman live with herself or even look in the mirror at what an ugly person she is to humans and animals alike?

  7. Late on December 29th neighbors had to call the PVEPD to dispatch an officer to deal screaming kids screwing around 605 Paseo del Mar’s pool. Officer Lemon showed up and did his job, so we should thank him, as he told the parents to shut the kids up. It wasn’t Kocarslan this time but some scumbag renters she rented to for around $1700/night. I don’t have any idea why anyone would pay more than $1000 per night to rent that tear down of a “chateau”. From the landscaping to the structure itself, the place is coming apart from the seams. It’s so funny when she says the neighbors are jealous because she has more money than them – yeah, sure, rich people always vacate their homes and rent it out by the day to strangers. Suuuuuuuuure.

  8. Disgusting, vile, sociopath Desire Meli Kocarslan isn’t just disrespectful to humans, folks. No, she also seems to be an animal abuser. Don’t trust me, check it for yourself. This past week or so it’s been crazy cold, windy and raining and she has her new German Shepherd sitting out in the cold all bloody night, barking at the moon and raccoons and whatever. So, in one fell swoop that yatch wakes up her neighbors and accelerates the death of a beautiful animal. Who is the true beast on that property?

  9. Again another visit from the PVE police boys today, this time around 8 in the morning. Anyone know why? That damn barking dog of hers being called about?!

    1. [NOTE FROM SITE: Based on the geographic source, acutely vituperative and wide scope of the following comment, the site is struggling to believe all of the accusations below are true. As a result, please treat various parts of the following comment as highly suspect and of questionable credibility until the Commenter or other(s) provides evidence supporting the claims. Though various aspects of the comment appear to be provably true simply based on an abundance of public evidence (e.g., she likes to go to court – see Desire Kocarslan Litigation Wall), it is difficult to believe that she is “not feeding the dog, or torturing him one way or another” particularly since the dog appears quite healthy, or that Desire Kocarslan “has to be hospitalised.” Neighbors never would want any of the accusations below of a sad, pathetic life to be part of anyone’s existence.]

      Sir, I am sure she is not feeding the dog, or torturing him one way or another. The biggest problem with that house is infrastructure, like gas pipeline, electricity, AC. Do U know why ? Because she does not pay any body any money. When they ask , she fires , she gets new one. She looooooooves to steal. Like she stole the house from the husband. She hardly gives the deposit back without going to fight. And she likes to go to court. She loves to have fun and have a good Loaf about the judges. Especially, she is extremely amused with the attorneys who work for her for free after seen the house and impressed about it. She likes the attention. I do not know what kind of mental problem she has – I am not a doctor- she has to be hospitalised. Or she will ruin the reputation of the most prestigious community in California. She is a true cone artist and no body can do nothing about it.

      1. I am enately incapable of telling a lie let alone a multiple group of lies so I can say that if you have a hard time believing that all these accusations are not true, Believe this, she does not pay her people who do the work that bothers everyone late at night. I believe 100% she has a bunch of tweekers working in on or around the house who are the main problem which keeps working after hours and disrupts the neighborhood……hmmmm let’s see::::::(tweekers) oh what a shock. And for someone of her low class high society status and criminal history why would she not? … if you wanna believe your own nietivity go ahead or check it out for yourself instead of sitting behind your cpu typing what you believe. I hear from strong sources in the court house that she has other properties and does the same things in our neighboring cities. So do some up to date fact checking and be prepared to not be shocked, cause you just heard it here today from me Mr Anonymous captian jack you’re sparrow.

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